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My new book has been published and guess what? It's a novel that's a political comedy. THE REVIEWS ARE STARTING TO COME IN AND THEY ARE RAVES! "As a mystery writer you were good. As a writer of political satire, you are great. How can the events in today’s government make one laugh? It can’t, but you were able to do it in the writing of this book. It’s easy reading, funny and enlightening. I highly recommend it." -- Patricia Meyers, Amazon Reviewer "Such a fun read. Unfortunately, it sums up the state of present day politics in the US. Sarcasm. Cynicism. Criminal behavior. Insincerity. Ineptness. Plain stupidity. All wrapped with a bow. Sure gave me a reason to chuckle." -- FANBOOK, an Amazon Reviewer "I have all of Glenn Shepards books , he has become my new favorite Author.. !!! "What to do about POTASS" is a must read!!!" -- Bryan Engstrom, Amazon Reviewer "Bipartisan political tomfoolery. Diet Cokes. Bungled assassination attempts. Secret meetings in basement restrooms. Great Walls. Poisonous needles. And the most popular President of all time, POTASS. What more could anybody want in a great modern day political satire? This book is of this moment and also one for all moments. Read it. Laugh out loud. Pure satiric genius. Enjoy." -- Rich Krevolin, Author of "Screenwriting in the Land of Oz" and "The Hook"

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